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Content on Demand (aka Content Marketing on Demand)

Communicating with words is how people connect, and written words are the foundation of all the services I provide. Whether you need content development for blog postings, case studies, keyword-rich Web pages, product material, social media or something else, telling your story in words that engage your audience is my forte.


When marketing writing gets technical, it's especially important using clear words that communicate value and meaning, not just a lot of jargon. Even as a marketer, I don't care for fluff or smoke and mirrors. Substance matters! My approach to writing is to produce a page of writing in a manner that's inviting to read. Words are flung at all of us all day long. The ones that resonate are the ones that speak a clear message and present information that's meaningful to us, including the technical parts. My motto is to create sentences that make sense on the first read! Making your content an easy read for your reader doesn't dumb the information down, it just makes it easily accessible.


How Does Content on Demand Work?

I use the phrase content on demand interchangeably with content marketing on demand because both refer to using content to tell your story and market your business. From a practical standpoint, it means that you can easily engage our content services whenever you need content developed for your projects and outreach opportunities without a lot of fuss. Some agencies require a commitment to an ongoing monthly subscription fee whether you need the services or not. As a long-term marketer, I know demand fluctuates so I don't require a long-term commitment of fees. I provide content marketing services on demand to suit your needs with a "pay for what you need when you need it" approach.


Building Relationships Is the Foundation

Good business is all about relationships, building trust and working together with customers and comrades for each other's mutual benefit. Communication through the written word and media is what builds successful relationships.


Yes, But Can She Scale?

Over the years, I've been most blessed to work with smart, skillful, and productive colleagues. As workload increases, I'm always more than pleased to pull my wonderfully talented associates into projects (a seamless benefit to my clients). While I always am the single point of contact and project manager throughout your projects, I'm able to scale with a team of writers and designers to juggle multiple projects and satisfy many client needs on an ongoing basis. Most likely, I'll be the writer on your project. But when I work with my team, you never have to worry about quality or consistency because I manage and review every project.


Children's Book Author on the Side

Along with providing professional marketing writing and services to high tech clients, I also write fiction, particularly children's books lately. You can see my children's books on my other web site: www.cheer-ebooks.com, as well as my blog,
www.cheer-ebooks.com/blog. My son (11 years old!) is the story illustrator.
Our stories are available on
Amazon in Kindle format as well.



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Recent white paper on using encryption to comply with HIPAA

Recent solution brief on SafeNet providing security for AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Recently wrote 25 case studies for CipherCloud.

Blog writer for Ciber Inc, working closely with blog owners.

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