What makes Excelle's content-on-demand
approach unique?


When it comes to creating content to market your business through your web site, documents, social media and more, you have myriad options, from internal staff to marketing agencies to freelancers to help you put words on a page and get this or that task done so you can move on to the next one. So why work with me?


All of the above options can work well enough, as long as the internal staff has the bandwidth to fit your projects in when you need them, or the marketing agency's costs aren't breaking your budget. But at some point, you realize you're not able to produce content on demand when you need it, and the words aren't telling your story the way you need them to in order to reach your audience in ways that make a connection and start building a relationship.


Creating strong content that matters to your readers takes consistency and dedication. I bring a combination of skills to my approach to content development, starting with the years of experience in marketing , Web site knowledge, SEO and more. But that's just resume particulars.


More than that, I bring my commitment to work diligently with you as partners to move your business forward to experience growth and higher visibility through compelling content. I'll learn the ins and outs of your business from you, gathering the details and nuances of your purpose and value proposition, until I know it thoroughly in order to convincingly and compellingly tell your story....whether it be on an engaging Web site, in collateral -- case studies, white papers, blogs, and more -- as well as through targeted SEO and social media programs. I'm as committed to your story's success as you are.


What Is Content on Demand (aka Content Marketing on Demand)?

At Excelle, content-on-demand (aka content-marketing on-demand - at the end of the day, most content is marketing of some sort!), means that you can engage our services whenever you need content developed for your projects and outreach opportunities. Some agencies require a long-term commitment to monthly subscription fees whether you need the services every month or not. As a long-term marketer, I know demand fluctuates and you might need a lot of content one month to support a launch, and not so much the next month. Accordingly, I provide content marketing services on demand to suit your needs.


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Children's Book Author on the Side

Since I can't seem to stop writing day or night, along with providing professional marketing writing and services to high tech clients, I also write fiction, particularly children's books lately. You can learn about my children's books -- illustrated by my son, Ryan, 11 years old! -- on my Cheer-ebooks web site, blog, and Amazon:











Our stories are available on Amazon in Kindle format as well


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Recent white paper on using encryption to comply with HIPAA

Recent solution brief on SafeNet providing security for AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Recently wrote 25 case studies for CipherCloud.

Blog writer for Ciber Inc, working closely with blog owners.

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